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Springs Starts Now!

January is when spring truly begins for gardeners such as myself. We are planting
seeds indoors that will be set out in the first weeks of March. We are turning our soil over in our beds when a freeze is predicted to help kill off any unwanted bugs dormant in the soil. Compost, cover crops, and inoculants are all being applied to ensure nutrients for the plants that will occupy that space in the future. Plotting and planning for what to move, and where to plant old favorites and new introductions is well under way. It is truly the quiet before the chaotic storm of spring activity.

In the same way, our sales teams are prepping diligently for March now. Account
managers and Buyers have worked behind the scenes Since before December to speculate on spring color and commodity demands so that our vendors have a supply ready for us. Crops are being reserved, and deals struck. Our operations managers and headquarters have just submitted budgets for labor and other expenditures based on forecasted sales for 2024.

As a salesperson, landscape consultant, and plant nerd, this is my favorite time of
the year. It affords us the opportunity to reflect on how we did as individuals and a team in 2023, and to set our goals for a record-breaking 2024. What were your victories last year? What do you hope to accomplish in this new year? What will you need from your Leaf Family to achieve those goals. With these things in mind, share some aspirations for 2024 with your colleagues this month.

A major goal for Leaf this Spring is to have the soft launch of our iNet eCommerce
store be a success. Next month, I will share some exciting updates about our progress!

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