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The Pond Springs Crew

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Anthony Cooper

Anthony Cooper Sales Account Manager

Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide. Hobbies are playing VR. Fun Fact: “I can moon walk”. Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys (Cheerleaders).

Chris Rose

Chris Rose Sales Account Manager

Austin Natïve. In the Nursery Industry for 18yrs. Hobbies include Bass Guitar, Watch Collecting, History, and Reading. Fun Fact: Cockroaches are disgusted by humans. If they come into contact with one, they immediately clean themselves. Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys.

Maynor Ramos Sosa

Maynor Ramos Sosa Receiving Lead

Born in Honduras, my passions are Futbol (soccer) and going to the gym. Have been with Leaf for over 2 years. Working with Leaf has taught me to value my job and it forces me to learn day after day.

Sam Peterson

Sam Peterson Procurement Lead

A Texas native who hates the cold. Hobbies include Hammock laying & River Floating. Fun Fact: “I can sing & play guitar at the same time!” Favorite Sports Team: The Leaf Blowers.

Taylor Eckert

Taylor Eckert Inventory

Favorite Hobby: Annoying my fellow employees. Fun Fact: Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups, he pushes the earth away. Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys.

Scott Parker

Scott Parker Sales Account Manager

Texas State University Graduate. Hobbies include Paddle Boarding, Hiking, Camping, Watch Enthusiast. Fun Fact: Can hold breath underwater for 3 minutes. Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Mavericks.

Bethany Maughan

Bethany Maughan CSR Lead

Has been with Leaf since she was 18 years old. Favorite Hobby: She enjoys hiking and being in the great outdoors when she isn’t at work. Fun Fact: Bethany loves makeup and can be seen rocking glitter eyeshadow most days. Favorite Sports Team: Austin FC

Austin Spurlock

Austin Spurlock CSR

Hobby: Love playing basketball, attending music festivals & playing video games.
Favorite Sports Team: Indianapolis Colts

Tiffany Burgos

Tiffany Burgos Account Manager

General Information: All around nature lady! Favorite Hobby: Gardening and Gemology. Fun Fact: I’m on Netflix... Favorite Sports Team: The Underdog.

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