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About Microlife Fertilizer

All MicroLife products are professional grade. Meaning we do not fool around with quality. We give you the best soil and plant nutrition possible. Just look at our specification sheets and you will see why MicroLife excels and is your best buy.

We the MicroLife Team are deeply committed to healing the world and providing a bright future now and for future generations. We are all about Mission.

We believe that healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy planet, and healthy people are all connected. As such we take great care in how we manufacture all of the MicroLife products. We make sure that all of our products have the highest nutritional value possible so that all soils, plants, and people benefit.

Truly, the story of Organics is really the story of nutrition. When you feed any organism the highest nutrition possible that organism, be it human, animal, plant or soil microbe, will hit its optimum potential and have less problems. Problems as we know are always expensive so why have them unnecessarily? It’s better to follow natural law.

MicroLife products follow natural law which means everything works smoother, more efficiently, is healthier and is less expensive. Thank you for visiting our web site. We have lots of great information to help you be hugely successful with Organics.


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Microlife Fertilizer in Action