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Brittany Coffee

Brittany Coffee Sales Account Manager

“The motivation I have is for my daughter to succeed”. Brittany’s favorite sports teams are Dallas Cowboys, San Jose Sharks, and Texas Rangers. Fun Fact: A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

Terry Hedrick

Terry Hedrick Sales Account Manager

Loves animals and plants of course. Hobbies include plants. Fun Fact: Oldest employee except for Trey. Favorite Sports Team: Astros.

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh Sales Account Manager

Chis is a 26yr old bilingual, Guinea Pig owner, who loves music. Walsh likes to Garden, Hike, Snowboard, Cook, Camp, and Travel. Favorite sports teams are Dallas Cowboys. Fun Fact: A tomato is considered a fruit.

Merle Hayes

Merle Hayes Operations Manager

Likes Analytics but is not analytical. Hobbies are Fishing and Golf. Fun Fact: 6+4+3=2. Favorite Sports Team: The World Champion Astros.

Antonio Ochoa

Antonio Ochoa Yard Care Operator

Loves to play with grandkids and bicycling at the park. Listens to Mexican music. New York Yankees fan who loves baseball.

Cory Minten

Cory Minten CSR Lead

Hobbies include Jeeps, videography, soccer, and any thing outdoors. Fun Fact: Cory carried the Olympic Torch during the 2002, Salt Lake City, Winter Olympics. Favorite Sports Team: Austin FC.

Dawlean Holland

Dawlean Holland Office Location Manager

Dog lover . Has 12 dogs. Lives in Marble Falls. Likes Country and Classic rock music and Mexican food.

Jeff Yarbrough

Jeff Yarbrough Procurement Lead

Our in-house horticulture nerd. Lapdog enthusiast. Great love for nature and natural world Amazon Hunter.

Justin Minten

Justin Minten Yard Maintenance Operator

GB Packer fan. Likes steak and is into Grand Theft Auto. Likes all kinds of music.

Zachary Haun

Zachary Haun Receiving Lead

Likes his music loud, dinosaurs and playing Jurassic Park video game. Enjoys his pasta from a blue box. Dislikes McDonald’s and having his picture taken.

Ian Kirby

Ian Kirby CSR

Ian is from West Texas and loves plants. Ian’s Favorite sports team is the Tennessee Volunteers.

Katelyn Moreno

Katelyn Moreno CSR

Katelyn lives in San Marcos, TX and has 2 dogs and 1 cat. She enjoys camping with friends and family. Katelyn’s favorite team is the Warriors! Fun Fact: “I love house plants”.

Sandra Guzman

Sandra Guzman CSR

Sandra is a mom of 2 boys & 3 pups. She enjoys Reading, Movies, and Outdoor activities. Favorite Teams are Mexico, Barcelona, Austin FC. Fun Fact: Has an Exotic plant addiction!

Nicolas ‘Nikko’ Marquez

Nicolas ‘Nikko’ Marquez CSO

General Information: Colombian (enough said). Favorite Hobby: Mountain Biking / Cooking. Fun Fact: Is Ambidextrous. Favorite Sports Team: Arsenal FC – London England.

Jordan ‘Flo’ Carlquist

Jordan ‘Flo’ Carlquist Inventory Clerk

General Information: Cool AF and even quieter. Favorite Hobby: Painting, Rock Climbing, Roller Skating. Fun Fact: There is a species of ants that spontaneously combust. Favorite Sports Team: Sucias from the Crossroad City Roller Derby League in Las Cruceas, NM.