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Leaf Landscape Supply carries (when available) an extensive array of plant types for both it’s retail and wholesale customers. We are your Premier Wholesale Nursery and DIY Plant Superstore destination in Austin. The plants you need to create your space. Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Natives and More! Our main plant type categories are listed below, but feel free to contact us about your specific needs anytime!

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We have bamboo for sale that works in Austin! Bamboo are fast growing and excellent for screening! Full sun to partial shade and medium water use. You can even grow these in containers! Varieties like Alphonse Karr, Graceful, Golden Goddess and more are available at both locations.

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Need to fill a large or highly visible area? Use color, scent, and texture to get attention! We have a huge variety of bedding plants used in Austin for sale. Try them in mixed containers too! From Alyssum, begonia, impatiens, pansy, portulaca/purslane, and sweet potato vine, to Zinnia! We have a full line for sale at both Austin locations.

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Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs

Edibles in your landscape? Both locations have Austin proven fruit, vegetables and herbs for sale. Apple, avocado, citrus, fig, guava, elderberry, jujube, mulberry, nectarine, olive, pear, peach, pecan, persimmon, pomegranate, plum, walnut. Banana, blackberry, blueberry, ginger, raspberry. Grapes. Tomatoes, squash, dill, mint, rosemary, and other herbs. We carry a great selection of fruit for sale in Austin!

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    Ground Cover

    Evergreen low growing plants are fully stocked at both locations. Fill in problem areas with grasslike or broadleaf varieties. From full sun to full shade. We carry Aztec grass, lantana, Purple Heart, Confederate or Star Jasmine, Texas Sedge, and Vinca to name just a few. We have many varieties of groundcover for sale in Austin.

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    Ornamental Grass

    A selection of grasses to fit every need! Evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous perennial grasses. Sun/shade. Drought tolerant to pond edge. Evergold Carex, Inland Sea Oats, Mexican Feather grass, Liriope, Mondo and Muhly grass varieties, Purple Fountain Grass. You’ll find a full groundcover selection for sale here at our two Austin locations.

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    Palms for sale in Austin at both locations! Evergreen to semi-evergreen tropical looking shrubs to trees that are successfully grown in Austin in a range of habitats. California, Chinese, and Mediterranean Fan Palm, Sabal and Windmill palms are just a few palms we have for sale in Austin.

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    A huge group of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous plants to brighten and fill any spot. Sun/shade, drought tolerant to water loving, flowering to spectacular foliage, or for pollinators. Both locations have a full range of native and adapted perennials, including Texas Superstars. Butterfly bush, Butterfly weed, Fire Bush, Iris, Jerusalem Sage, Leopard Plant, Mistflower, Pride of Barbados, Salvia, Skullcap, Turks Cap, and yellow bells are just a few of the many perennials we have for sale in Austin.

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    Evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous plants can fulfill many requirements in the landscape. Sun to shade, high water to low. From foundational pieces, large screening, to accent, both locations carry a full line of shrubs for sale in Austin. Holly, Indian Hawthorne, Japanese Yew, Texas Sage, and Viburnum are just a sampling of what we carry.

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    Evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous. Sun/Shade. Drought tolerant or water loving. We have trees for sale in Austin. Both locations carry natives like Anacacho Orchid, Cedar Elm, Huisache, Mesquite, Mountain Laurel, Redbud, Live Oak and other Oaks as well as Retama, Vitex, and Desert Willow. In addition, we carry Blue Atlas Cedar, Cherry Laurel, Chinese Fringe Tree, Crape Myrtle, Italian Cypress and others, Japanese Blueberry, Japanese Maple, Juniper, Loquat, Magnolia, Pistache, Smoke Tree, and Sycamore. We have a full line!

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      Evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous vines. Upright growers and even as groundcover. Sun/shade. Drought tolerant to water loving. All are proven to grow in Central Texas. We have a full compliment of vines for sale at both locations in Austin. Varieties like Coral Vine and Crossvine, Fig Ivy, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Trumpet Vine, and Wisteria are just a few of what we stock.

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      Need a low water landscape for a mostly sunny area? We have xeriscape, evergreens, often native, and successfully grown in Austin available for sale! Agave, Cactus, Hesperaloe/Yucca, Nolina, Opuntia, Sotol/Desert Spoon, and Succulents. Both locations carry xeriscape plants!