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Looking Ahead to 2024!

What a great year 2023 was for Leaf Landscape Supply! Our company’s resiliency and ability to navigate through adversity was called upon yet again. Despite a cold icy start in February, causing property owners unexpected expenses in tree cleanup, then a dry remainder of the year, leading to apprehension of any landscape installation for so much of the year, we were able to accomplish Trey and my priority goal for 2023, which was for both stores to participate in Profit Sharing. I commend all you for the diligence and sacrifice made to accomplish this goal, and it is one that will continue into 2024 and beyond.

As what seems the norm now, a new year brings many questions in regards to our climate, economy, market and industry. We have never let these questions or hysteria sway our objectives, nor will we in 2024. We will continue to grow using the basics that have brought us this far, then create additional growth with new strategies conceived, developed and executed by our maturing management, operational, and sales teams.


They’re proven, they don’t change. If you forget them or take focus away from them for a more elaborate strategy, the foundation for said elaborate strategy will faulter. In light of the current College Football Bowl season, I make a sports analogy. Every football team must do the basic fundamentals in order to be competitive, the team that is most proficient at those basics, usually wins. Every player must be present, aligned with the team goal, and executing with the highest energy, discipline, and efficiency. Blocking, tackling, passing, catching, and running are PRODUCTS of those basics that, performed on the field, translate to victory.

Our basics are the same as that of the football team. Every player present, aligned with the team goal, and executing with the highest energy, discipline, and efficiency. Operating in alignment with our documented processes and systems, creating a fanatical customer centric culture, and clear /concise communication thru the company are the PRODUCTS of our basics! A high level of performance of these, within our business, will produce the results we all want in growth, profitability and opportunity.

As always, you are all extremely appreciated. I hope you have pride in our company that creates a sense of ownership in what you do every day, and more so, if you don’t feel that, you do feel like you have the ability to communicate why not and present your ideas for improvement.

So onward into 2024. Winning by perfecting the BASICS.

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