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Leadership starts with Lead. To lead we need to be examples of what we want our team and company to aspire to be. How we handle our daily tasks, personal demeanor, customer service, and servant leadership for our teams is how we can expect our teams to operate. Parents of children recognize this if they’re smart. We can tell them about proper behavior but if we don’t model that behavior chances are they will typically model the behavior that they see. The culture of servant
leadership is an example. Servant leadership not only includes our team but also how we interact with our customers and suppliers. In the little video that Brad sent recently about Four Seasons vs Caesar’s indicating how each company operates based on their culture of servant leadership comes to be the difference between the two. At the Four Seasons even leads that are from different departments asks the employees what they need to be able to do their jobs better. This desire to help then extends to the customer service of the company. It really is pretty simple. We only need to be what we expect others to be. Doesn’t sound very hard. So it starts with self-evaluation. Are we modeling the appropriate behavior that we want to build in our team and company? One easy step is to acknowledge everyone we come into contact with, customers, team members whomever. That’s pretty easy for me I will acknowledge and talk to almost anyone who is willing to engage. It definitely is harder for some than others to be this forward with people especially someone they don’t know. Be aware that almost everyone wants to be asked if you can help them in some way. This is called consideration. Be a leader and show consideration for all the people you encounter. Be a leader and set an example. Model the behavior that will encourage others to join not just follow.

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