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Inventory Integrity and You

We have all experienced the frustration of a failed sale due to a wrong Quantity On Hand in Epicor. As the Inventory Clerk at Store 2, I often hear those frustrations first hand from our AMs and CSRs. While the Inventory Clerks at both locations strive for perfect accuracy at all times, we are not the only ones who have a significant impact on our inventory. This month, I am challenging every person who works at Leaf to reflect on their unique relationship with our inventory, and set their own goal for personal improvement on that front.

Your effect on our inventory will of course be partially determined by your role. If you are a Receiver, the care you put into verifying everything matches the PO, SKUing plants precisely, and placing them in a designated area is the foundation of every process that follows. If you are a Pull Team member, the time you take to make sure the plant pulled matches the pick ticket, or to document substitutions made, has a huge impact on whether it is billed correctly. If you’re in sales, taking the time to investigate if the system tells you we have an insufficient quantity of an item is critical to preventing negatives.

The other element of your impact on inventory is determined by your knowledge of our plants. How many can you identify on sight? If you keep mixing up 2 plants when pulling or selling, what plan have you put in place to help yourself learn those plants better? Can you tell when something doesn’t look right? Maybe it has a pest or disease and you need to get with the team about how to treat it, which can prevent losses due to death and damage.

We are fortunate enough to have a reputation in this industry for knowledge and quality, and you have been critical to building that reputation. You will be the most vital part of maintaining it and taking it to new heights. How do you plant to maximize your role in the integrity of our inventory going forward?

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