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I want to give my description of Grace.

Forgiveness is free to people that don’t deserve it. It’s one of the foundations of the Christian religion. It is a hard habit to accept. You have to consciously repeat it in your mind. Turn the other cheek. Although it is hard to internalize in your being it can impact your life and actions immensely. It starts with something small like not getting upset when someone cuts you off in traffic. It can be large like an issue with a person you consider a friend who betrays that friendship in your mind. The Grace frees you and cleanses your mind. It ends with grudges of which you can carry like a weight for years. It also sets an example that may inspire people to follow, which can improve their lives. It’s the action that builds strong relationships between friends, acquaintances, and partners. Many times, in relationships the other person makes a mistake or a poor decision. When you create the positive action of forgiveness it is a building block for deep meaningful relationships. I encourage all to make Grace part of your being. It’s a great gift to give and receive.

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