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Online Plant Guide | Buying Xeriscape in Austin: Selecting the Right Xeriscape Plants for Austin, TX Climate

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Choosing the Right Drought-Resistant Plants for Austin

Are you a commercial property manager in Austin, TX, looking to enhance your properties with a xeriscape that thrives in the local climate? Xeriscaping is a water-efficient landscaping method that is especially beneficial in the hot and dry climate of Austin, Texas. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of selecting the right combination of plants for your xeriscape, ensuring that your properties remain in top condition while conserving water resources.

Appreciating the Austin Climate

Before diving into the process of selecting xeriscape plants, it’s crucial to have a clear knowing of the climate in Austin, TX. Austin experiences hot, dry summers and mild winters, making it a prime location for xeriscaping. The climate is characterized by:

Hot and Dry Summers

Mild Winters

Low Average Annual Rainfall

Selecting Xeriscape Plants for Austin’s Climate

When selecting xeriscape plants for your commercial properties in Austin, it’s essential to consider the following factors to ensure their success in the local climate:

Native and Adaptive Plants

Choose plants that are native to the central Texas region or that have adapted to the local climate. These plants are well-suited to the hot and dry conditions, making them resilient and low-maintenance.

Drought-Tolerant Varieties

Prioritize plants that are naturally drought-tolerant and can thrive with minimal watering once established. This not only conserves water but also reduces the maintenance required for your xeriscape.

Soil Adaptability

Select plants that can adapt to the alkaline and well-draining soil typically found in Austin, TX. These plants are more likely to establish a healthy root system and flourish in the local soil.

Color and Texture

Consider the aesthetic appeal of the plants by choosing a variety of colors and textures that complement each other. This will create visual interest and enhance the overall appearance of your xeriscape.

Choosing the Right Combination of Plants

Creating a successful xeriscape involves carefully curating a combination of plants that complement each other while thriving in the Austin climate. Here are some popular plant choices to consider for your xeriscape:

Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens)

This hardy, drought-tolerant shrub is adorned with purple or lavender flowers and thrives in the hot and dry conditions of Austin, TX.

Mexican Feathergrass (Nassella tenuissima)

Known for its delicate and wispy foliage, this ornamental grass adds movement and texture to your xeriscape while requiring minimal water.

Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucanthum)

This resilient and low-growing perennial produces daisy-like white flowers, adding a pop of color to your xeriscape.

Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)

With its striking red blooms and sword-shaped leaves, the red yucca is a stunning addition to any xeriscape, thriving in the arid conditions of Austin.

Texas Redbud (Cercis canadensis var. texensis)

This native tree adds beauty to your xeriscape with its pinkish-purple flowers and heart-shaped leaves, thriving in the local climate.

Maintaining Your Xeriscape

Once you have carefully selected and planted the right combination of xeriscape plants for your Austin properties, it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure their long-term health and beauty. Here are some key maintenance tips:

Efficient Irrigation

During the establishment phase, provide ample water to help the plants develop strong root systems. Once established, opt for efficient irrigation methods such as drip irrigation to minimize water usage.


Utilize mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and provide insulation for the plant roots, ultimately reducing water evaporation from the soil.

Regular Monitoring

Regularly monitor the health of your xeriscape plants, checking for signs of stress or water deficiency. Adjust your maintenance practices based on the seasonal variations in Austin’s climate.

End thoughts

Creating a thriving xeriscape in Austin, TX, requires thoughtful consideration of the local climate and the selection of plants that are well-suited to the region’s unique conditions. By choosing native and adaptive plants, prioritizing drought-tolerant varieties, and crafting a harmonious combination of plants, you can create a sustainable and visually appealing xeriscape for your commercial properties.

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