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A Premier Austin Garden Tour

Leaf Landscape Supply Unveils 2024 Landscape Artistry Showcase: A Premier Austin Garden Tour

Austin, TX – September 7, 2023 – Pioneering a decade of excellence in Central Texas, Leaf Landscape Supply is thrilled to present a groundbreaking outdoor event that will redefine the landscape architecture and design experience: the 2024 Landscape Artistry Showcase.

In an industry-first initiative, Leaf Landscape Supply is poised to set new standards by hosting Central Texas’s inaugural industry-led outdoor tour of homes. Focused exclusively on celebrating the zenith of landscape architecture and design, this event will spotlight an expertly curated selection of distinctive projects from across the city, spotlighting the exceptional achievements of local designers and architects.

The 2024 Landscape Artistry Showcase is destined to captivate landscape aficionados and industry professionals alike. Attendees will embark on self-guided tours of meticulously chosen outdoor havens, personally led by the ingenious minds behind these transformative landscapes. This direct engagement with industry luminaries offers an extraordinary opportunity to glean insights into avant-garde methodologies and progressive techniques shaping the landscape design realm.

Complementing the guided tours, Leaf Landscape Supply’s seasoned professionals will be present throughout the event to share invaluable insights and adept guidance. As an authoritative figure in the landscaping realm, Leaf Landscape Supply is committed to nurturing knowledge exchange and fortifying the growth of both enthusiasts and professionals in the landscape arena.

“Leaf Landscape Supply has had the privilege of witnessing the extraordinary evolution and innovation within Central Texas’s landscape architecture and design community over the past decade,” remarked Brad Seever, Owner of Leaf Landscape Supply. “Through the 2024 Landscape Artistry Showcase, we aim to not only commemorate our clients’ accomplishments but also to offer an immersive experience that resonates with enthusiasts and professionals alike.”

The 2024 Landscape Architecture & Design Tour is slated for September 2024. Additional particulars, including ticketing information and the complete roster of participating homes, will be divulged soon. Keep an eye on Leaf Landscape Supply’s official website and social media channels for updates and registration details.

About Leaf Landscape Supply

For the past ten years, Leaf Landscape Supply has stood at the forefront of Central Texas’s landscape industry. Since 2014, the company has been the trusted ally and provider to Green Industry professionals across the broader Central & South Texas vicinity. Distinguished by the region’s most extensive array of premium-grade plant material, boasting over 1,200 plant and tree varieties available at their nursery, Leaf Landscape Supply has firmly cemented its status as an indispensable partner for regional landscapers. Through its exceptional products, expert counsel, dedicated service, and community engagement, the company continually contributes to the region’s breathtaking outdoor spaces.

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