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What Does Your Nose Know?

Sense of smell is one of our oldest, in terms of evolution. Scent information from our nose bypasses usual brain circuitry and registers without us being consciously aware. Crucial for a pre-modern human’s survival, and we are learning, for human well-being even today. March is a fantastic time to bring these healing scents into your environment and Leaf Landscape Supply is here to help!

Almost all plants have a scent; sometimes it’s just green; sometimes much more. Is there a particular scent that brings to mind pleasant childhood memories? Incorporate it into your space! We invite you to come “smell your way through” Leaf and find treasures that brighten your spirits!

Large trees like magnolia, evergreen and deciduous, are reminiscent of citrus. Other smaller trees, like Anacacho Orchid and mountain laurel, have fragrant blooms also. In addition, Crape myrtle’s summer and fall blooms often have a scent too.


Wax myrtle, both the full and dwarf size, leaves are spicy when brushed against. Smaller, evergreen, scented shrubs like Abelia and roses are often planted around established homes. Pittosporum and sweet viburnums, Austin favorites, are also excellent choices to remind ourselves – and the next generation of home.

Nolina, agave, and yucca have scented blooms, recalling warm walks through our native desert landscapes. Salvia greggii, rosemary, and the unscented, but glorious, Mexican Feather grass are right at home in this type of landscape installation.


Try Star Jasmine, Carolina Jessamine, wisteria, or Lady Banks rose, trailing or on trellising to bring memorable scents to our feet, and overhead! Fill in sunny areas at the base with other aromatics like oregano, santolina, or mint. Use fragrant phlox for areas with some shade.

Grasses can be a treat for the nose too! Evergreen Acorus leaves have a sweet scent when bruised and lemon grass has a citrus scent and helps with mosquito control!

Some ground covers are scented. Creeping thyme and phlox, or chamomile are great low growing choices. For something a bit taller use catmint, lamb’s ear or cheddar pinks. Use alyssum for an annual groundcover or try a low growing petunia or sweet william!


Even fruit trees can have aromatic flowers from lightly scented apples to heady like Meyer Lemon!

Strictly a container gardener?  We’ve got your scent! Use a larger item, add in medium, and finish with renewable annuals! Group items that have the same water and sunlight requirements for ease of care. How about trailing rosemary, gaura, and petunia in a large pot? Or lemon grass, marigolds, and thyme in three pots. Just combine the desired look or advantage with plant requirements and you are good to go!

To help you incorporate those bright “nose” spots, Leaf Landscape Supply stocks many varieties and sizes to choose from. Large, small, and in between. And, the pots to put them in! Remember to mulch and fertilize established plants to keep them healthy, beautiful, and smelling like you remember!

Visit by yourself, with companions, or your landscaper, and our Leafies will get you headed in the right direction! We look forward to helping you!

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