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There’s Gold in them thar – PLANTS!

The original phrase, by American writer Mark Twain, referred to gold in the hills. But…really….it should be plants. Trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, even indoor plants are good for us. Singly or in combination, their healing powers are proven. Let Leaf Landscape Supply help you add more plant therapy to your life!

Our sense of vision, touch, and smell bring the power of plants through us and the great news is, it’s not a one size fits all. That’s not daunting! That’s an invitation! Come walk through Leaf Landscape Supply with your family, a friend, a trusted landscaper, or solo! The power to incorporate visual, textural, and scent elements into your home environment is at your fingertips!

Need upright visuals in your landscape? Trees like Arizona Cypress are beautiful. So are palms, banana, bamboo, and Skywalker Boxwood or Colonnade Holly. Each of these bring a unique textural element as well.


To add a textured horizontal feel, Kousa Dougwood has a layered look unlike any other, and is covered with masses of spring white blooms. Other shrubs create a visual screen with a defined formal border. Tall ones include Nellie Holly, Cherry Laurel, Japanese Blueberry, all with similar, but not identical leaf size and structure. Leyland Cypress adds a lacey look while large leaved, Photinia’s new spring growth emerges red.

Mid-size formals include Burford Holly, Emerald Green Arborvitae, or Variegated Privet. Lower yet are varieties of loropetalum, Indian Hawthorne or Carissa Holly. Several varieties of boxwood and holly can even be kept at only a few feet off the ground! Each has a unique texture and color!

If a rounded form is desired, we have more great options. Use Pittosporum for a softened rounded leaf, Barrel Cactus for a xeriscape garden, Dwarf Crape Myrtle in a border, or Compact Texas Sage as a screening accent.


For unique texture use agave, barberry, Hollywood Juniper, hydrangea, or Leopard Plant which can easily be combined with other xeriscape or sun/shade garden elements. Use a Ponytail Palm outside during the summer and inside during the winter for a tropical element!

Small items can be tucked in for a big impact almost anywhere. A tall small? Evergreen Agapanthus, African and Bi-color Iris. Showy? Purple Fountain Grass and Mexican Feather Grass for sun, or Inland Sea Oats for shade. Short? Blue Fescue, Mondo Grass, or Purple Oxalis.

If your space is limited to a porch, patio, or balcony, it’s still easy to create your personal retreat. Many plants can be kept in containers. Create an oasis in multiple containers using Alphonse Karr Bamboo, Mexican Fan Palm, or upright juniper. An espalier Jasmine is another option. Add a mid-size element like a Patio Olive or azalea, then low elements like colorful bedding plants. For an all in one to brighten your day, a thriller, filler, and spiller in one container is an option too.


This truly is a situation where plant what makes you feel good is what the doctor ordered!

Leaf Landscape Supply has everything you need to make your personal space your own and to let it feed your soul! Our Leafies, including Lenny The Leaf, are here and happy to help!

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