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Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Cool!

Monthly Landscaping Tips by Leaf – August 2023

Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Cool!  Statin’ the Obvious Here. It’s HOT.

Even so, you have the power to cool the air around you through your new BFF’s: PLANTS! By proactively planting, in groups, in-ground or in containers you can cool the air around you by as much as 15 degrees! Plants release moisture through their leaves during the day which helps cool the air. In high heat situations plants can lose more moisture than they can take up which is why it can be challenging this time of year. However, planted in-ground and watched like a hawk by your professional landscaper, carefully tended by you; or more conveniently placed in pots, opportunities abound! The best defense “against heat” is a good offense!

Easy, fast growing, and convenient, tropicals are still in high fashion with cannas, bananas, and –  what rhymes with bananas? –  taking you into fall surrounded by exotic outdoor beauty and privacy. 

Go with climbing plants like Lady Banks Rose and Coral Honeysuckle which prefer to run on overhead structures or up vertical surfaces to create the dappled shade we crave this time of year! Another option with some climbers, like Virginia Creeper, is to use them as a groundcover; an excellent way to shade roots of other plants and to cut down on reflected heat.

For a breathtaking dappled shade option, multiple Japanese Maples in a box are an instant and impressive screening choice.  We have these ready made to choose from!

Continue adding evergreen pieces like Clumping Bamboo in ground or to your container garden and bring an Asian flair to your privacy shade!

Finally, it’s also a great time to set out another planting of warm-season annuals, such as Marigolds; a Texas Superstar plant for over 20 years now. And try some Zinnias, Angelonia, or flowering Vinca to provide color September through November.

For an extra pop add Firebush; in fall its leaves turn a deep, coppery-red, and its flowers ramp up attracting all the hummingbirds in your neighborhood to make it their dinner stop!

Adding large plant pieces, an entire yard, or building your container collection, Leaf Landscape Supply is your premier stop with a full plant palette and all things plant and soil health related. Shopping here with your knowledgeable landscaper at your side or DIY, armed with basic soil and sun information, our plant collection is sure to satisfy your plant needs!

In ground, or in pots, invest in your BFF’s health!  Texas soil and heat is hard on plants. The best defense “against heat” is a good offense; add a second round of mulch since the spring application is likely expended. Supplement with liquid seaweed with mycorrhizae (pronounced mike-or-rizee), to fortify new or established plants till the heat subsides. We also carry other low salt products, to help with specific soil and plant health needs, making for vibrant plants and strong soil in the long run. Stop by Leaf Landscape Supply today. We are fully stocked and ready to help!

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