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Retreat! Retreat!

Not away from something – to something – your personal living oasis! Palatial or postage stamp, it’s the space that enfolds you into its timeless embrace. Where deadlines… and dinner can wait. An estate, half acre, a trio of potted plants on your deck, or indoor beauties, Leaf Landscape Supply is your passport to creating and enhancing your living haven. We invite you to come on in! Bring your landscaper with and kick it up a notch!

Early days, and trees are first on the list or another one needed? Choose from elm, evergreen magnolia, Mexican Sycamore, and Oak, among others. All create instant shelter from the sun. Or draw eyes upward to our beautiful blue Texas sky with evergreens like arborvitae, cherry laurel, upright boxwood, cypress, or holly. We carry a full line of sizes and varieties to fit your needs and budget.

Japanese Maple Cluseuponredleafofajapanesemapletreein

Filing in spots? For deciduous color try crape myrtle. Green leaves, dark leaves, as a shrub, or tree, crape myrtle is a landscape workhorse! Another fantastic option for medium-sized trees; deciduous redbuds, blooming on bare wood in the spring and sporting beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Or try colorful small Japanese maple trees. While they don’t offer a show-stopping flower, their leaf colors are sublime, and many offer a fall show. All of these are available any time of year!

Enhancing smaller areas? Abelias, with foliage color options, can be pruned to small hedges, or left as is. All have a nice tubular bloom. Indian Hawthorne is another great evergreen flowering plant. So is Texas Sage. Try Japanese Aralia, aucuba, and mahonia for shady areas. For mixed shade and sun use azalea, boxwood, cotoneaster, loropetalum, and nandina. For something suited to shade or sun, a perfect option is Japanese Yew.

Azalea Coralpinkflowerwithwhiterufflededgesencoreazaleaazalea

Filling in between shrubs?  For shade or bright indirect areas use agapanthus, bears breach, cast iron, fern, hosta, oxalis, and philodendron. Another choice is the Tractor Seat Plant with humungous green leaves. Everybody will want to know what that stunner is! Showy plants, yellow bells and Pride of Barbados actually prefer super-hot areas which is a big plus! We have plenty of plants for the in between areas too. Dianella, flame acanthus, bulbine, germander, iris, and lamb’s ear are great. For true Texas flavor, use Lantana. Most are tough as nails and have wonderful flower colors. Another Texas landscape star is salvia with so many leaf shapes and flower colors to choose from you might just find you need one of each!

Salvia Viewofbluesalviasalviafarinaceabloomingingardenselective

Vines also draw the eye upward and some can even be used as ground cover! Evergreen clematis, crossvine, fig ivy, jasmine, Lady Banks Rose, and wisteria are all good performers. Designing specifically for low water use? Many of the plants already mentioned will fit the bill. Leaf Landscape Supply also has xeric plants to choose from like agave, euphorbia, nolina, sotol, and yucca. Keep your plants green, blooming and strong! Make sure to pick up MicroLife products and mulch to keep plants roots protected and with needed nutrients to keep your oasis extraordinary! Leaf Landscape Supply has what you need! Come on by!

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