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Plants….Pretty….Necessary. AND what the doctor orders!

We humans connect with nature using our physical senses and at an instinctual level which probably transcends all senses combined. That link is so strong medical professionals are now writing prescriptions to spend more time in green places – parks, neighborhoods, and our personal green scenes. Medical science has quantifiably measured the benefits in both prevention and healing!

Visit Leaf Landscape Supply and let us help you discover and fill your prescription!

Reduce stressful traffic noise and increase restful sounds of nature? Plant larger trees and shrubs! Deciduous trees like Cedar Elm absorb noise and provide food and bird habitat. So do Lacey Oaks; also perfect for smaller lots. Looking for an evergreen that does the trick and is on Austin’s Utility Approved list? Yaupon Holly, Mountain Laurel, Sandankwa Viburnum, and Wax Myrtle are excellent noise reducers too, giving you control to flip that noise quotient in your favor!


Concentration is magnified by our green spaces! Presenting your senses with a pleasing accent plant or group of them is a sure bet. For deciduous or semi evergreen types, use Gregg’s Mistflower, White Mistflower, and Thyrallis for example. Evergreen varieties like Dwarf Burford Holly or Dwarf Yaupon are perfect too, and as a bonus all of these tolerate a wide range of soils.

Green spaces edge out mental fatigue. It’s proven that spending just a few minutes among green flowering spaces gives you that much needed reset interval. And it’s easy to plan for a succession of flowers. For instance, use columbine, dogwood, Indian Hawthorn, primrose, and redbud, among others for early season color. Even vines like Carolina Jessamine get in on the early spring action; and Coral Honeysuckle might even start earlier! For an early soft blue, the blades of blue fescue grass are sublime.


Bloomers for summer? Leaf has many to choose from! Larger plants like crape myrtle, bird of paradise and yellow bell varieties adore summer heat. Mid-size bloomers such as Texas Sage, Flame Acanthus, and perennial hibiscus are in stock too. For a one in every color option, use Gregg’s Salvia or lantana!

Lantana Smaller Small

Fall flowers? Try Hardy Aster, Copper Canyon Daisy, and Mexican Mint Marigold. Leaf even has bloomers that transition through several seasons. The xeric Red Yucca and Yellow Yucca start in the spring and bloom into summer. Many aloes and sedum are also spring and summer bloomers. Grasses such as Inland Sea Oats provide a soothing green during several seasons and are followed by interesting seed heads during the heat. Gulf Muhly blooms late summer into fall with a dreamy cloud of pinky purple seed heads.


Annuals are also an easy sure-fire way, using a shot of color, to quickly turn any spot into your own destress prescription! Summer annuals like Angelonia, French Marigold, Penta, Portulaca and Purslane, and Vinca are all in stock at Leaf for immediate color where it’s needed most!


Your green prescription is also a perfect opportunity to give your existing plants TLC by applying any fertilizer or soil health products needed to keep everything in tip top shape. Ask our knowledgeable staff for help!

As always, we welcome you and look forward to helping you find the perfect fit for your prescription!

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