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Plants! Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!!

Plants are incredible! They are a positive in any situation. Need an immune health boost? Add a plant or a bunch of them! Increase your home’s value? Same. Give wildlife a hand or enhance your inside space? Yep, add plants! It’s always a wise decision to bring nature to your space and the spaces we share!

Leaf Landscape Supply has everything you need to do all of this and more! Come shop where the pro’s shop and let us help you shape your positive impact!

For maximum shade, cooling, and welcome refuge, plant trees like elm, oak, and Mexican Sycamore. Smaller trees like crepe myrtle, Mountain Laurel, redbud, and smoke tree help too and have pretty flowers, spectacular leaf color, or both!


A particular spot need something inviting? Soften it with large shrubs like cherry laurel, hollies, wax myrtle, viburnum, or yew. For shrubs that can be pruned for hedging or used as an accent try abelia, boxwood, loropetalum, and privet.

Tropical vibe palms like Bismark, California, or Windmill are ideal to provide shade. Mediterranean Fan, Needle, Sabal Minor, or Saw Palmetto Palms are perfect for privacy. Leaf even carries tropicals for small borders like Cardboard and Coontie palms.


More at home with the desert? Use shade trees like Desert Willow, Desert Museum Retama, or Vitex. For smaller xeriscape impacts, use agave, nolina, or yucca and fill in with some of the many euphorbia. For ground cover, use sedum or ice plant. All help ambient air temperatures and create a beautiful refuge.

Vining shade? Texas native, Coral Honeysuckle has cerise flowers and a long bloom period plus winter red berries, or use Carolina Jasmine with yellow flowers spring through fall. Evergreen Wisteria with purple flowers is another great choice for a shade structure!

Even annuals, grasses, and perennials can be a huge benefit to our space by cooling the ground, helping wildlife, and uplifting our spirits. Most also fit comfortably in containers.

Try native sedges, muhly’s, or one of the grama grasses. For color use Purple Fountain Grass or the wider bladed Giant Purple Fountain Grass! Add perennials like blanket flower, lamb’s ear, salvia, and Zexmenia or annuals such as marigold, petunia, or zinnia.

If your environment doesn’t include room for large shrubs and trees, a few containers around the entrance or deck will add a cool spot for your feet, an immune shot of color and texture, and benefits for the native pollinators.


Houseplants enhance our environment too. Even if your thumb is a shade of tan and not shamrock green! Try a ZZ plant or one of the sansevierias for low-maintenance green to boost the air and your mood!

All of these and more are in stock in addition to a full line of products to help you keep your plants looking their best. Mulch to shade roots and lock moisture in the soil. Plus, organic fertilizers and products specifically to help Texas plants and soils.

Leaf Landscape Supply is where the Pros shop and you can too! Come and visit. Bring a friend or a busload! Our Leafies and Lenny look forward to helping you! And check out our new online store!!!

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