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October in Austin is a time like no other. Oppressive summer heat is done for the year and gentler temperatures draw us outdoors again. Trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, perennials, annuals; it’s open season for planting! Unlike spring, October borders on cooler periods, giving roots more time to establish in the still-warm soils before heat and water are concerns again.

Grab plans made in cooler seasons or just drop in on a whim. DIY? A Leafie can guide you; plus, take advantage of our Master Gardener plant clinics. Stroll with the landscaper who shares your philosophy and understands Austin’s eco-climate. Leaf Landscape Supply continues to be the premier destination for all things landscape in Austin. Add beauty, functionality, and value to your home’s look; we have what you need to show your personal flair and attitude!

Austin’s amazing fall climate offers many opportunities to keep your landscape up-to-date, effective, beautiful, and soothing. Plan for shade, color, and texture in your landscape now and for seasons to come.

Add trees like Anacacho Orchid, Mexican Plum, and Redbud, for understory spring bloom. If “bigger is better”, then Cedar Elm, Mexican Sycamore, and many Oak varieties will make the shade statement you need!

Continue to enhance screening by adding large privacy pieces. Choose from among many hardy holly varieties or add a Texas native like Wax Myrtle. Cherry Laurels are always a favorite as well. We carry these in sizes to fit your plan!

Want a way to soften the big stuff and show it off at the same time? Add smaller shrubs which offer an astounding variety of size, texture, and color. For a tropical feel add hardy, big-leaved, shade loving Japanese Aralia. Or for a hardy plant, offering many growth habits, mature sizes, and leaf shapes, try one of our Hollies.  It’s easy to align an area with your vision at Leaf Landscape Supply. Need suggestions? Just ask!

October is a fantastic time to add color and pizzaz now with fall blooming perennials such as Cigar Plant, Fall Aster, and Mexican Mint. Add seasonal interest for next year as well. Texas native Salvia greggii, with many colors to choose from, is just one example. Ask a Leafie for more!

If you are not ready for a large commitment, add easy annuals like pansies, petunias, and snapdragons which offer an array of colors as well. Cool tip: use fall blooming mums as an annual or perennial – it’s your preference!

Now is also a perfect time to boost your soil diversity. Help the new and established plants to thrive as their roots search for nourishment. We carry a variety of mulch, compost, and organic products; the tools you need to invest in your landscape and soil health. As you think about improving your green living space, remember to enjoy the process and let what brings you comfort and joy guide you. Leaf Landscape Supply is here to help. We have the knowledge and products to “make it so!” Come on in!

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