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January 2024! Silver AND Gold

The words above come from a Joseph Parry poem, written sometime after the 1850’s. Most of us are familiar with the sentiment, making “new friends but keeping the old,” as it applies to people. Let’s take a deeper look and think about our home landscape as a living, breathing reflection of us just as much as our good friends are. A tree providing shade all summer; a rose greeting you each morning, or succulents whispering their quiet beauty. Friends worth their weight in gold. And there are always new friends/finds to be made at Leaf Landscape Supply!

Are you thinking about more shade next summer? A new building going up near you that needs a screen? Now is a perfect time to get those trees and large shrubs planted. Grab a friend and/or your trusted landscaper and stroll through our nursery. Having a companion touring with you is a great way to fine tune your ideas and build a relationship. Win Win!


Leaf carries a full line of trees that thrive in Austin such as Live Oak, Red Oak, Cedar Elm, Sycamore, and many more. Smaller area needs shade? investigate our Wax Myrtle, Yaupon Holly, Texas Persimmon, or Purple-Leaf Plum. Many of these work for screening too. Or, consider evergreens such as Viburnum, Cotoneaster (pronounced co-tone-e-aster), or Glossy Abelia. Screening options that have nice but not messy blooms or fruit.

Our tropical looking options for evergreen screening or even focal points include hardy palms such Mediterranean Fan Palm, Windmill Palm, or the smaller growing Sabal Palm and many more. Try ferns for short screening options with a tropical look; some can reach up to 3 feet high! Upright small plants like African or Bi-Color Iris are also great low growing plants for screening smaller objects. For a variegated look, use Dianella. Another option is Agapanthus which produces purple or white blooms above the foliage in spring.


Though perennials and grasses are not at their peak this time of year, like the best of friends, their true beauty is hidden inside until circumstances in our lives or environment bring them to the surface. Plant Phlox, Evening Primrose, or Purple Skullcap for early season low growing blooms. Try a low-growing blue grass like fescue.

For year-round beauty with a blue color, use Agaves like the compact Artichoke and Cabbage Head. For a somewhat larger plant, Sharkskin, a hybrid, is a good choice. Even larger is the wide-growing Whale’s Tongue. All are wonderful friends to have in your mostly sunny, well drained garden. Inner beauty is found in their cold hardiness for the Austin area! Faithful friends indeed.


Many of the plants above are lifetime friends, yet, sometimes a short-term companion is what you need. Leaf’s annuals have your back there. Coming in an array of colors and textures, without the long term need for attention, these plants are the perfect seasonal friend for your landscape! We are your premier destination for all things plants! For a “season, a reason, or a lifetime!” We invite you to visit Leaf Landscape Supply and make new people and plant friends!

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