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We now carry Texas Native mulch!

Our weed-free Hardwood Mulch is made to provide lasting color. The soft, easy to spread consistency, lays smooth in landscape beds for a great looking finished landscape.

• Made from only Select Hardwood trees.
• Double Ground for best consistency
• Aged 12 Months for Optimum Color
• Watered with Compost Tea to add Beneficial Nutrients.

Choose from 2 Different Mulch Varieties

• Premium Texas Hardwood Organic Mulch
• Black Label Organic Mulch

Choose from 3 Different Compost Varieties

• Texas Select Soil Amendment
• Premium Planter's Compost Mix
• Organic Cotton Burr Compost

Texas Native® Hardwood Mulch

An all-natural, double ground hardwood mulch that has been aged 9-15 months to create a long-lasting and vibrantly dark color that stays consistent year in and year out. Our hardwood mulch doesn’t wash away and it aids and improves soil conditions by adding natural hummus and nutrients to soil as it decomposes.

Texas Native® Black Label Mulch

Our Black Label is an all-natural blend of double ground hardwood mulches that have been colored to create a deep, rich, dark- black mulch. It is safe to use around pets and children because we only use non-toxic, biodegradable dyes that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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